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ACHD's Road Wizard Sunday, February 11, 2018 ACHD's Road Wizard

More signs requested when two lanes become three on Protest Road at Federal Way; ACHD does not allow car dealerships on Main Street between 23rd and 27th streets to park vehicles on the sidewalk/right of way; yet another request for a flashing yellow left-turn signal on Parkcenter Boulevard at Apple Street.

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: When traveling south up the hill on Protest Road to Federal Way, two lanes split into three. The left lane turns into a left-turn only, there is a right-turn only, and a center lane that goes straight across to Kootenai Street. The problem comes when you find yourself in the wrong lane. There is only one small yellow sign that warns of the impending change and it's easy to miss. There is little chance to move from the left lane to the right so that you can get through to Kootenai. Please consider better signage and/or allow the right lane to continue through the intersection to merge to one lane on Kootenai.


Road Wizard:

The "threw me for a loop" intersection layout was done to make room for bike lanes. One downhill motor vehicle lane was removed from Protest, and uphill there is now a "drop" left-turn lane as well as a right-turn pocket to Federal Way.

There used to be a merging-after-the-signal option on Kootenai, but it was removed as part of the design since it was short and few drivers used it. Creating a bike route between the Federal Way pathway/Boise Bench to Boise State University was a priority given the lack of other routes.

There are other lane designation signs as drivers ascend to the intersection, and short, dashed lane lines indicate changes ahead. ACHD will evaluate the potential benefits of modifying existing signs and installing more lane-use pavement arrows.

Dear Road Wizard: I'm not giving up on seeking an answer to why businesses on Main Street between 23rd and 27th streets are allowed to park their cars for sale on the sidewalk/ACHD right of way. I notice you haven't published it. That reeks of cronyism. Is someone at ACHD also an investor in one of those businesses?


Road Wizard:

I was reluctant to print this smear of a question, but there is a benefit in explaining to the public just how wrong you are, Anonymous.

These car dealerships have not been granted permission to park vehicles in the sidewalk/right of way, nor has any car dealer. Far from being "cronies," ACHD and law enforcement have had an ongoing "whack a mole" relationship with some of the dealerships around the county.

There are often complaints about salespeople parking vehicles on sidewalks or near enough to intersections to impede the view of oncoming traffic. ACHD will resolve the issue at one dealership, only to have the problem pop up at another. Next on the list of dealers to deal with will be those in question on Main between 23rd and 27th streets.

Dear Road Wizard: I wrote to you about putting a flashing yellow arrow in the westbound turn lane on Parkcenter Boulevard to Apple Street. I have counted the seconds from the first sighting of an eastbound car to the time it takes to get to me. There is more than adequate time to make a safe left turn even when cars travel above the speed limit. Please reconsider!


Road Wizard:

The landscaped median island on Parkcenter near Apple is lined with trees, and without their leaves it's much easier to see oncoming traffic. Come spring, the foliage compromises the view. Perhaps then the firm "no" on a flashing yellow arrow signal will make more sense.

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