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Update on possibility of another Boise River bridge crossing; trucks hauling dirt as part of construction on Crescent Rim Drive; metal plate on Amity Road near Cole Road considered a hazard by reader

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Dear Road Wizard: Could you provide any kind of update regarding the possibility of another bridge crossing the Boise River, specifically the extension of Five Mile Road to extend to Idaho 55? Is this concept still even on the table for discussion or planning? The traffic flow on Glenwood Street has significantly increased, and we are hoping that another river bridge is a possibility.


Road Wizard:

This project is historically known as the Three Cities River Crossing, and this summer marked the eighth anniversary of the "don't build" vote by the ACHD Commission.

There is a four-mile gap in north/south Boise River crossings between the Glenwood and Eagle Road crossings. Drivers who want to travel north/south on these crossings are forced to travel east/west on Chinden Boulevard and State Street first.

Extending Five Mile and/or Cloverdale Road were potential options to make this connection. But the cost (estimated as high as $85 million), the environmental impacts, and the construction projects that would be delayed were all significant factors in the commission's decision.

So it was three strikes and you're out for the Three Cities River Crossing. While still technically feasible, it's safe to say the project may never be built - at least not in this Road Wizard's lifetime.

Dear Road Wizard: I received a complaint regarding trucks hauling dirt to a construction site on Crescent Rim Drive. This person would like to know why they are using Owyhee Street. She is frustrated by the daily noise and is concerned about the damage being done to the road. I'm trying to determine if the trucks need to be using their current route.


Road Wizard:

The truck traffic is related to foundation work for new Crescent Rim condo construction. It's a dirty job but some road has to do it.

Truck drivers can choose from a number of routes in this area, including Owyhee. Since the hauling doesn't require a street permit, the only thing that could direct them to go elsewhere would be a designated truck route. But truck routes haven't been designated in Ada County for many years, and the Crescent Rim work was only temporary.

Certainly, a fully-loaded construction truck would be expected to cause more road damage than a small car. But it would take much higher usage than this project's comings and goings to degrade the road more than normal traffic conditions and seasonal weather changes.

Dear Road Wizard: This is my first time sending an email to you, and I got the address from the Sunday paper. I have lived off of Amity Road for 27 years and recently ACHD installed a very large metal plate in the road. They built up the sides of it with asphalt and it's quite a bump. When I turn off of Cole Road onto Amity, it really is a road hazard because it's a few inches taller than the road.


Road Wizard:

The bump was closer to one inch, but that is all it can take to surprise a driver.

There was utility work happening under the road, and the temporary plate covered the access hole. The plate was surrounded by asphalt which acted as a glue to keep it in place, but also adds to the bump. The only other option is to close off the area to traffic until the road is repaired, but who wants that?

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