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ACHD's Road Wizard Sunday, November 18, 2018 ACHD's Road Wizard

The mystery of tire tread; speed limit signs on Eckert Road; slowing down vehicles detouring on Bloom Street; dip in pavement at Ten Mile and Victory Roads

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: Where does tire tread go when it wears off of tires?


Road Wizard:

The average passenger car tire loses about six pounds during its life on the road. Considering the number of vehicles in this country, that ends up being millions of pounds of disappearing rubber.

But it does go somewhere. The Puget Sound Institute reported in September that chemicals linked to automobile tires have been found in stormwater associated with the mortality of coho salmon in Puget Sound. The report says that tires as a potential source of toxic contaminants should be a research priority.

What isn't swept up may make its way into storm drains that lead to groundwater or the Boise River. But that issue is addressed as well. ACHD's roadway projects are built to include structures such as seepage beds and stormwater basins that treat the water that flows off of roads and through the storm drain systems. That means the water is "cleaned" before entering groundwater or receiving waters, but it's hard to know if that catches all of the tiny tread particles.

Dear Road Wizard: During this summer's upgrades on Eckert Road from Amity Road to Warm Springs Avenue the speed limit and no-parking signs were removed. The no-parking signs are back but there are no speed limits posted from Warm Springs to Amity, thus encouraging many mad dashes down this notoriously abused straightaway.


Road Wizard:

As a condition of development, contractors constructed a dedicated left-turn lane on Eckert to serve a new street in the ever-growing Harris Ranch area. The sign must have been in the way. The limit was, and will continue to be, 35 mph. ACHD will replace the sign and assess the need for additional speed limit signs along the Eckert corridor.

Dear Road Wizard: With eastbound left turns now not allowed at Collister and State streets during construction, are there any plans about slowing down vehicles using Bloom Street as a detour? Vehicles usually go over the 20 mph speed limit and I'm worried about the increase in traffic. How about the speed limit trailer and more police patrols?


Road Wizard:

With the Veterans Memorial Parkway/State Street/36th Street intersection almost done, it's time to adjust to another intersection project. The Collister and State intersection is being rebuilt and expanded with new turn lanes and sidewalks.

The number of people making the eastbound left turn was relatively small compared to other movements through the intersection. Those who relied on the turn may indeed end up using Bloom, Ellens Ferry or even 36th as an alternative route during the temporary closure.

ACHD will often put in temporally all-way stops at locations near construction projects that are being used as a detour route. But there aren't any great locations for that on Bloom or Ellens Ferry Drive. Instead, ACHD will look at measuring speeds and working with law enforcement for additional patrols in the area.

Dear Road Wizard: In the southwest corner of the intersection of Ten Mile and Victory roads there is a dip in the pavement. The speed limit is 45 mph and I'm surprised someone has not lost control and had an accident.


Road Wizard:

Thanks for reporting this, ACHD has filled the hole.

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