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eTRAKiT Online Development Tracking System


ACHD Development Services is proud to announce the integration of TRAKIT into their development review and permitting process. TRAKIT is a state-of-the-art online tool that provides tremendous benefits to users. Customers can gain online access to numerous resources, including projects, permits, and issues. Customers are able to pay for permits online, request inspections, report issues and monitor results, check the status of a project review, and pay fees. Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Applying for Permits Online

Currently, only the following permit types are available online:

  • Dumpster
  • Storage Container (POD)
  • For all other permit types, please submit your application along with all required attachments to: or fax to: 208.387.6289.

Using eTRAKit

If you are a first time user, please follow the instructions below.

Contractors, consultants and developers, you must login as a Contractor and not a Public user. In doing so, you have more access to information for your projects and permits. In addition, if you login as a Public user, ACHD is unable to associate any paid fees to the appropriate project or permit. Please contact one of the administrators listed below to set you up as a Contractor in the eTRAKiT system.

Public Consultants and Contracting Community
1. Select the eTRAKiT icon above 1. Contact ACHD for a password (see contact information below)
2. Set up an account 2. Select the eTRAKiT icon above
3. At login select "Public" 3. At login select "Contractor"
  4. Select your name from the dropdown list

Users Manuals

Street Functional Classification Map

Arterial and collector roadways are mapped on the Functional Classification Map. ACHD roadways mapped as Expressways, Principal Arterials and Minor Arterials are all considered Arterials for permit fee purposes.

Street Functional Classification List

Contact Us

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Kaci Bader 208-387-6184
Gary Inselman 208-387-6180