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Residential roads in Ada County rated Excellent

Ada County-  The Ada County Highway District hired a nationally recognized pavement consulting expert to evaluate residential roads within the District. The average pavement condition index (or PCI) for residential roads in Ada County is 84. This figure indicates that the road network as a whole is in "Very Good to Excellent" condition.

The consultant, NCE, compared Ada County roads to those of other major metropolitan regions on the West Coast. San Francisco received a 66 and San Jose received a 62 (both of which ranks their overall road network in the "Good" classification). Seattle's arterial network has a PCI of 74, while only 11 percent of Portland’s street network is in "Very Good" condition.

NCE attributes the excellent condition of Ada County roadways to ACHD’s aggressive preventative maintenance program. It would cost the county nearly $2 billion to replace the road network, and with limited funding, the county is always looking for new and innovative ways to stretch maintenance dollars. Programs like chip sealing cost nearly a tenth of the price to replace a road, and extend the life of the roadway by several years. 

The District maintains nearly 4,757 lane miles of roadway. To put that in perspective, that’s twice the distance it takes to drive from Washington D.C. and back.


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