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News and Press Releases Thursday, February 11, 2021

ACHD to Make Changes Along Shoshone Street

After meeting with representatives from three ACHD advisory committees earlier this week, ACHD Director Bruce Wong advised the ACHD Commission of changes that need to be implemented at the intersection of Shoshone Street and Overland Road.

He explained that sometimes things look good on paper but lose their luster when put into real life situations.

The pedestrian ramp and crosswalk that have been installed at the intersection are not A.D.A. compliant. As a result, Director Wong has requested that the pedestrian ramp be removed and the crosswalk striping be obliterated on the east side. This change will be completed by February 23rd. The crosswalk on the west side will remain.

Plans for a redesign of the pedestrian ramp and crossing are being considered, but right of way costs are expected to cost between $100,000-$200,000. Representation from the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Pedestrian Advisory Group, and the A.D.A. Advisory Group were not confident it was a worthy investment for ACHD at this time. Ultimately, the Commission will decide if the redesign should move forward.

Additionally, the cross slope at the intersection of Shoshone Street and Rose Hill is creating a hazard for vehicles travelling through the intersection. Due to the severity of the cross slope, many are running into the extended curb.

ACHD is presently looking into regrading the intersection and addressing the issue with the curb on the southwest corner of the intersection.

While elements of a project may meet engineering standards technically, in practicality, they may not always be the best solution for a particular location. ACHD is working to ensure upcoming improvements to Shoshone Street and Rose Hill are the safest and most practical solutions moving forward.


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