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ACHD News Thursday, July 22, 2021

Safety Vests and Lemon Zest

Photograph of Lucy and Henry Tew in jpgThe Tew kids, Lucy and Henry, love watching trucks of all kinds and they were elated when some of these construction trucks, or "instruction" trucks as little Henry calls it, came driving by their home. As soon as they saw those wheels roll by, they dragged out their blankets to the front yard, gathered some snacks and settled in for the long haul of closely monitoring the trucks and workers that came by. Lucy and Henry, like most kids, enjoy watching something change, torn up, and built up. While they were in supervising mode, Lucy and Henry were surprised by an impromptu, private parade complete with candy tossed from the windows of ACHD's chip seal convoy.

Photograph of Lucy,Henry and Sydnee Tew at lemonaid stand in jpgLucy and Henry didn't just stay parked on the yard with their prizes. They have been taught the value of service and immediately wanted to reciprocate the kindness that was shown to them. The kids ran back inside with a plan - who doesn't love a sweet glass of lemonade, especially on a blistering hot day? With encouragement from their parents, Josh and Sydnee, Lucy and Henry made a big batch of lemonade. They set up a table, decorated a sign, and sat to wait. Multiple trips were made back inside for ice, ice, and more ice. They kept watch for their road work crew friends and then, just as they made another ice run, ACHD's crew came back by and stopped for a refreshment at the (free) lemonade stand.Photograph of Lucy and Henry Tew, in jpg

Dan, from the chip seal crew, said, "In nearly a decade of chipping, this is probably the coolest thing I have seen. We really appreciated the support and delicious lemonade."

The Tew's love Idaho and the kindness that is so often shown. Sydnee Tew said, "It made my kids' day to have them come back. This went both ways - it really is the little things!"

Lemonade may be tart, but this story is nothing but sweet. Thank you for spreading kindness and love!

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