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ACHD Commissioners will Decide on Budget for Upcoming Fiscal Year

ADA COUNTY-- Members of the public are invited to weigh in on the Ada County Highway District's proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2022.

The Public Hearing will take place Wednesday, August 25 at 6 p.m. in the Michael L. Brokaw Auditorium at ACHD's Headquarters in Garden City. The meeting will also be livestreamed. Space within the auditorium is limited with COVID-19 precautions in place. Those able to participate online are encouraged to do so.

Commissioners will decide on the final budget at the public hearing.

The proposed $151.8 million budget includes projects to increase safety and mobility, and also provides for the maintenance and operation of Ada County's roads, sidewalks, traffic signals, bike lanes and related infrastructure. The budget includes $13 million in pedestrian improvements and bikeways and a $76 million capital program which would fund over 100 projects.

The commission is considering the following increases to the property tax certification, per their direction at the August 4th meeting and as published by the District:

  • Up to $1.2 million in revenue from a 3% collection increase in property tax
  • Up to $1.2 million in revenue from new construction
  • Up to $1.6 million in foregone taxes- $1.2 million would go toward Capital Projects, with $422,000 going toward maintenance and operation

Foregone taxes are one-time increases from property taxes that ACHD opted not to collect in previous years. The proposed amounts were set in accordance with House Bill 389, which was passed during the last legislative session.

At its published rate, the financial impact to residents would vary based on each resident's property value. For example, a property valued at $421,000 in 2020 paid $171.53 in property taxes to the Ada County Highway District last year. If the commission were to take the full increase, that same property would pay about $198.81 in property taxes in 2021, a difference of about $27 for the year.

The commission can vote to certify a lower amount of the property tax certification on August 25, but cannot vote to collect more than what was published.

"We have had a lot of great discussion as a Commission on the incredible responsibility we have to approve a conservative and thoughtful budget," said Commission President Kent Goldthorpe. "This is a balancing act between the financial impact our residents see in the next year and the impact these decisions have on our transportation system for decades to come."

Those unable to attend the meeting can submit comments online, or send them to 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714.


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