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ACHD Commissioners Approve Special Provision for Valley Regional Transit Agreement

Ada County Highway District Commissioners voted to approve a special provision to the long-standing agreement between ACHD and Valley Regional Transit. The agreement now includes a special provision that allows Ada County Highway District Commissioners to contribute funds to VRT for grants that require a match.

Valley Regional Transit's mission is to leverage, develop, provide, and manage transportation resources and to coordinate the effective and efficient delivery of comprehensive transportation choices to the region's citizens. At times, VRT has funding opportunities to meet that mission that require matching funds. If Valley Regional Transit receives a grant that requires the agency to match the funds, the agency can apply for ACHD to contribute those funds.

The provision allows ACHD to join several agencies in the Treasure Valley in helping VRT to optimize funding to provide new public transportation services and maintain existing services.

The agreement requires VRT to apply in writing to the ACHD Board of Commissioners. Commissioners can decide to contribute eligible funds during a regularly scheduled meeting. A majority of commissioners must vote to approve contributing funds and can contribute no more than the annual sales tax distribution.

This special provision enhances a long-standing partnership between ACHD and VRT. The two agencies entered into a Cooperative Agreement for Transit Structures on July 1, 2007. ACHD agreed to grant VRT the limited right to construct, install, maintain, repair and control transit structures in the public right-of-way to enhance VRT's public transportation services and programs. Transit structures include shelters, benches, signage and other related structures.


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