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ACHD News Blog Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Campaign Signs in Ada County: Know the Rules

Campaigns are ramping up ahead of this year's election, and that means the familiar sight of campaign signs along roads in Ada County.

As you show support for candidates, there are some rules to be aware of to make sure your sign is seen, but not preventing drivers from properly seeing the road.

Here's what you should know to make sure your sign stays up through Election Day:

Where can I place a campaign sign?

As part of ACHD's sign ordinance, signs must be placed 40 feet back from an intersection in order to not obstruct a driver's view of the road.

The 40 feet rule starts at the point where the curb lines meet. For roads without a curb, the measurement starts where the edges of the pavement meet. 

Where are signs not allowed?

  • Signs cannot be affixed to signal poles, traffic signs, or any other part of public road infrastructure 
  • No signs in roadway landscaping- including medians, roundabouts or between the curb and a sidewalk 
  • Signs cannot be placed on someone else's private property (without permission from the property owner) 

Signs must be removed within 48 hours of Election Day. For this November, that means signs should be removed by Thursday, November 4.

What happens if a sign is in the wrong place?

If a sign is determined to be in a spot where it's not supposed to be, ACHD will remove it. The sign is brought to the Ada County Highway District Headquarters in Garden City. The sign's owner can contact ACHD to make arrangements to pick it up. Owners may be charged for the cost of removal. 

The full policy is posted on ACHD's website. If you have questions about sign placement, contact the Ada County Highway District at (208)387-6100 or submit written questions online through ACHD's Tell Us form.

One last thing 

Keep in mind, some cities in Ada County may have stricter rules than ACHD. In that case, the more restrictive standard applies. It is the responsibility of the sign owner to make sure the all of the rules are being followed. 

  • City of Boise- (208) 972-8150 
  • Garden City- (208) 472-2907 
  • City of Meridian- (208) 888-4433 
  • City of Eagle- 208-939-6813 
  • City of Star- (208) 286-7247
  • City of Kuna- (208) 922-5546.

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