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Crews Complete Unique Drainage Improvements at East Shenandoah and East Roanoke Drives

Crews are wrapping up work on a new drainage system at the intersection of East Shenandoah Drive and East Roanoke Drive, in hopes of solving a decade-long issue for maintenance crews and residents in the surrounding neighborhood.

Photograph of drainage pipe For at least the past 10 years, a natural spring has been percolating from the roadway in several locations at the intersection of Shenandoah and Roanoke. ACHD maintenance crews have made several attempts to isolate the source of the water over the years, but every year the underground water still found its way to the surface.  As a result, crews have been dealing with roadway deterioration, patchwork fixes, and thick winter ice buildup due to water seeping up through the asphalt.

After collaborating with the engineering department, the maintenance department started working on a new solution.

In July, crews began installing a dewatering system underneath the roadway that would capture the water and filter it back into a nearby storm drain. Crews worked through several obstacles with the existing infrastructure and worked through solid rock to track the water source.

The new system is now installed, with road restoration expected to be completed by the end of the week. Crews also repaired curbs and improved asphalt on Roanoke.

The true test will be how Mother Nature responds to the new system and whether the underground water will stay corralled through the next rainy season. 

As part of the improvements, crews worked with the City of Boise to temporarily lower the water levels of a nearby pond suspected of contributing to the water leakage. The pond will now be able to return to normal levels.

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