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ACHD Commissioners Approve New Fiber Optic Inspection Team, Outline New Procedures for Fiber Installation

ADA COUNTY-- Fiber optic internet is making its way through the area, with several companies working, or planning, to install fiber optic cables across Ada County over the next 10 years, in addition to companies who have already installed lines. 

The installation of fiber optic facilities has posed several challenges for the Ada County Highway District and for those living in the neighborhoods where cables are being installed. While ACHD does not perform the work, the agency issues permits to companies who want to install underground fiber optic cables in ACHD's right-of-way.

As more companies look to bring faster internet to the area, the Ada County Highway District is implementing new actions in an effort to reduce issues for Ada County residents impacted by the cable installation.

On Wednesday, Ada County Highway District Commissioners approved the creation of a dedicated fiber inspection team. The three-person team will consist of one Senior Zone Inspector and two Zone Inspectors, who will be exclusively dedicated to processing fiber permits and conducting installation inspections. 

Funding for the new fiber team will come from permit fees that are already collected from contractors. Therefore, there will be no cost to taxpayers for the new team.

ACHD is also outlining new procedures for contractors looking to install fiber optic facilities in Ada County:

  • Submittals: Fiber submittals will go through a new plan review process and the companies will pay the required plan review fees.
  • Permits: In addition to permits being issued for the area of installation, permits will now be limited to the amount of work that can be completed and restored within a three-week period. Penalties can be assessed for exceeding the approved time period. 

ACHD is confident that the new inspection team and permit procedures will help mitigate future challenges as companies seek to install fiber optic facilities in Ada County.


Shandy Lam
Deputy Director of Communications

Rachel Bjornestad
Public Information Officer

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Sr. Communications Specialist

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Digital Media Coordinator

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