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Ada County Highway District Names Sign Shop After Dedicated Employee Retirement

ADA COUNTY-- The Ada County Highway District's sign shop is getting a brand-new name, honoring the legacy of the agency's longest-serving employee. 

Director Bruce Wong joined employees in unveiling the Ron Sperl Sign Shop on Tuesday, November 16, which marked Sperl's last day of an almost 50-year career with ACHD.  

"You have been an amazing team member here at the district. You will be sorely missed and we wish you the absolute best. Thank you for everything you've done," said Director Wong.  

Sperl started making signs in 1976. In his just shy of 50 years with the District, starting at just 16 years old, Sperl has worked under every director, seen every ACHD Commissioner be elected, and watched the Treasure Valley bloom and grow. In his tenure, Sperl has given Ada County residents over 100,000 hours of work at the District. His dedication to his craft and to his coworkers is unmatched and Ada County has been lucky to have him. 
When Sperl first started making signs, the process began with a blank piece of aluminum. He would take letters made from sheeting and place them on the aluminum, secured with a piece of tape. Sperl would then bake the sign at 220 degrees to set the letters into place. In his years at the District, he also made signs through silk screening. "Now, you can make five or six signs in the length of time that it took you to make one in the old days," Sperl said. "We didn't buy any signs back then either. We made everything." 
Fellow employees also honored Sperl with congratulations, well wishes, and by sharing some of their favorite memories. "Thank you for your loyalty and complete dedication to ACHD. You have made this place a better place to be," said Wendi Tillman, Traffic Management Center Specialist.  

When asked about his time with the district, Sperl summed it all up, "If I could, I would start all over again."

Sperl plans to enjoy his retirement fishing with his wife sitting next to him and spoiling his grandchildren. He says he still plans to return to the sign shop to visit the many employees who have become his family over the years and the sign shop crew has promised there will always be a donut with his name on it – and now a door. 

Readers can learn more about Sperl in this ACHD blog post, written earlier this year.


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