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News and Press Releases Wednesday December 22, 2021

ACHD Picks up two 2021 COMPASS Leadership in Motion Awards

The Ada County Highway District is once again being recognized for its work in driving quality transportation.

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) recognized ACHD's Livable Streets Performance Measures and Bicycle Advisory Committee Chair Lisa Brady during the 2021 COMPASS Leadership in Motion Awards.

The Livable Streets Performance Measures project is the recipient of the Leadership in Government award for Ada County.

The project, led by Planning and Programming Manager Ryan Head, establishes a first-of-its-kind guide to evaluate bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The project sets forward a method to measure bicycle and pedestrian facilities, such as sidewalks, bike lanes, and multi-use pathways, and measures how well streets are built for safety, context sensitive design, and positive project outcomes that support all users.

The Performance Measures establish a level of traffic stress (LTS) score for bicyclists and pedestrians. The measurement is based on several factors such as traffic speed, bike lane type, sidewalk type, and signals. An LTS of 1 would be comfortable for all ages and abilities. An LTS of 4 would represent a high-stress experience. Utilizing the design of the street, ACHD can give an LTS score to existing and alternative street designs, thus seeing how options affect the experience of the end users.

All project designs are being reviewed for how they impact the LTS scores. Many projects have been revised to ensure a lower stress experience. Moving forward, ACHD will be reviewing its policies and practices to ensure the facilities it builds are comfortable for all, thus making a transportation system that is equitable, enjoyable, and focused on livable streets.

Lisa Brady is the recipient of the "Leadership in Practice" Award, in recognition of her volunteer work. Brady is the current chair of ACHD's Bicycle Advisory Committee. In addition, she has been the Treasure Valley's Safe Routes to School Program Manager since 2013. She is president of the local-nonprofit, the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance, for the last 11 years, and volunteers her time on a variety of advisory committees including the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) Active Transportation Workgroup, City of Boise Mayor's Bike Advisory Committee, Valley Regional Transit (VRT) Regional Coordination Council, and countless other groups and organizations.

Brady has been instrumental in guiding and enhancing ACHD's low stress bicycle network strategies and initiatives. Her unwavering energy to enhance Community Program's directly contributed to SAFE, interagency solutions supporting ACHD's Safe Routes to Schools, projects that leverage expanding bicycle and pedestrian options.

The awards were announced during the COMPASS Board of Directors' annual meeting on December 20.


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