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Al Busche
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Ten Mile Road and Amity Road Roundabout

General Description

Project Background

The Ten Mile and Amity roundabout project is an outcome of recommendations from the Ada County Roundabout Study: Amity Road Intersections. As part of the study, six intersections along the Amity Road Corridor were evaluated to determine whether a roundabout would be an appropriate traffic control measure to accommodate future growth.

The Ten Mile Road and Amity Road intersection was one of four intersections determined as viable for a future roundabout because:

  • The Amity Road corridor is frequently used as a parallel access to Interstate 84
  • A roundabout will increase traffic flow and improve safety
  • It is in close proximity to the Idaho Transportation Department's future Ten Mile Interchange (currently scheduled for construction in 2009/2010)
  • A roundabout will accommodate projected growth in the area

Project Description

  • Build a single lane roundabout with the option for expansion to 2 lanes in the future when traffic volumes warrant it
  • 12-14 foot travel lanes
  • 5-foot gravel shoulder
  • 20 mph advisory speed limit through roundabout
  • Large trucks/vehicles may use 'truck apron' around perimeter of roundabout if needed
  • Center portion of roundabout will include colored, patterned concrete

In June 2007, ACHD held a public open house to share the roundabout study information and conceptual plans for a roundabout at Ten Mile and Amity. ACHD Commissioners adopted the recommendations from the Ada County Roundabout Study: Amity Road Intersections in January 2008. Since then, a preliminary roundabout design has been created and was presented for public input at an open house in March 2009. To view open house displays, which include the preliminary design or to comment on the project, see "Related Documents" located on the upper right side of this page.



Time Frame

Start Date: Construction 2014
End Date: TBD