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Dyan Bevins
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Franklin, Black Cat to Ten Mile

General Description

Project Update as 2/28/17:  Utility work is on-going. Black Cat Road, south of Franklin Road will be CLOSED through mid-April. This leg of the intersection will be completed when it opens, including asphalt paving and concrete paving. Crews are working on irrigation and sewer pipe on the south side of Franklin Road.

Road improvements are coming soon! Utility relocations have already begun, and construction is expected to begin late this fall.

Materials from July 15, 2013 open house

Please click on the images below to view the materials from the open house.


Franklin Road and Black Cat Road Intersection


Franklin Road near Black Cat Road


Franklin Road near Ten Mile Road


Project Description

The Ada County Highway District will being construction soon to widen Franklin Road to five lanes with curb, gutter, detached sidewalk, and bike lanes. Utility work will begin in August, and the project will be complete by the Fall of 2017.

  • Widen and signalize Franklin Road and Black Cat Road intersection to include additional thru lanes and turning lanes
  • Construct landscaped drainage swales on both sides of Franklin Road
  • Motorists can expect road closures on Franklin Road and Black Cat Road at various times throughout construction 

What is the purpose of the Franklin Road Project?

  • Improve motorist, pedestrian, and bicyclist safety
  • Accommodate future traffic volumes

Where is the project at in the process?

Utility relocations have already started on this project, and the construction is expected to begin late this fall. 

Why widen this segment of Franklin Road?

Future traffic volumes are expected to increase to over 24,000 vehicles per day making a five lane roadway necessary. As an Interstate 84 detour route Franklin Road must also be able to accommodate Interstate traffic when needed.

Will Franklin Road between Ten Mile Road and Linder Road be widened?

Yes. It will be reconstructed in late 2012 or early 2013 to include five lanes with curb, gutter, sidewalk and bike lanes. For more information on this project click here.

Time Frame

Start Date: Construction anticipated for 2016/2017
End Date: TBD