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Cody Homan
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Owyhee Sidewalk Project, Dill Drive to Overland Road

General Description

Project update as of 8/11/16:  The project is paved. Crews are working on concrete collars. Striping, landscape, and misc. items will remain.

The Ada County Highway District will be replacing the sidewalks on the east side of Owyhee Street this summer with wider sidewalks that meet modern standards. Currently, much of the sidewalk is narrow and damaged.

 IMG_0685-big-lift,-north-of-dorian.gif  IMG_0699-broken-south-of-dorian.gif

Project description

  • Replace damaged and narrow sidewalk on east side of Owyhee Street to comply with modern standards.
  • Construct sidewalk where it currently doesn’t exist on east side of street between Dill Drive and Targee Street.
  • Replace pedestrian ramps on both sides of street where needed.

Project purpose

  • Provide a safe route to school for children walking and/or biking to Whitney Elementary School
  • Increase neighborhood connectivity

Project Design

Click on the images below to view the project design.

 Owhyee-Design-FINAL-1a.gif  Owhyee-Design-FINAL-2a.gif

Owyhee St., Dill Dr. to Targee St.


Owyhee St., Targee St. area to Palouse St.


 Owhyee-Design-FINAL-3a.gif  Owhyee-Design-FINAL-4a.gif
Owyhee St., Palouse St. area to Nez Perce St. area Owyhee St., Nez Perce area to Overland Rd.

  • Construction is anticipated in summer 2016 after school gets out.

Time Frame

Start Date: Construction anticipated for summer 2016
End Date: TBD