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Tim Curns
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Vista Neighborhood Stop Signs

General Description

Starting in June, ACHD will begin installing additional stop signs in part of the Vista neighborhood that is south of Overland Road, between Latah Street and Vista Avenue. Click on the map below to see where the new stop signs will be installed. All the new signs will have warning flags attached for the first 30 days of installation to call attention to the new traffic pattern.

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What is the goal of this project?
The goal of this project is to make your neighborhood safer by providing stop control at the existing uncontrolled intersections. We are currently in the process of obtaining traffic counts on a number of streets to use as a baseline for future comparison. This comparison will allow us to see if traffic patterns change with the installation of the stop signs.

What about parking?

Boise City Code prohibits parking within 30’ of a stop or yield sign, while parking is prohibited within 20’ of a marked or unmarked crosswalk. This means an additional 10’ of curb area will be restricted at each new stop sign location.

Time Frame

Start Date: June 2015
End Date: TBD