Current Project
Cody Homan
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Pine Avenue, Meridian Road to Locust Grove Road

General Description

Pine Avenue, Meridian Road to Locust Grove Road 

Project Description:

  • Pine Avenue from Meridian Road to approximately E. 6th Street will be fully rebuilt, including parallel on-street parking, marked bike lanes, and new curb, gutter, and detached sidewalk.
  • Pine Avenue between E. 6th Street and the bridge over Five Mile Creek will be fully rebuilt, added road width for bike lanes on both sides of the road, as well as curb, gutter, and sidewalk.
  • Pine Avenue over Five Mile Creek to Adkins Avenue will be fully rebuilt and widened to 3 lanes.
  • Connect new sidewalk to existing sidewalk east of Adkins Avenue.

Project Purpose: 

  • Increase motorists, bicycle and pedestrian connectivity with new pavement and continuous bike lanes and sidewalk on both sides of Pine Avenue 
Design:  FY2015-2016

Right of Way:  FY2017

Construction:  FY2018

Time Frame

Start Date: 2018
End Date: TBD