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Brian McCarthy
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4th Street Bridge #1291

General Description

Project Update as of 2/28/17:  The section between the two existing bridges is complete. 4th Street is closed, and the existing bridge has been removed. Excavation is complete. Crews are placing concrete for the remaining portion of the bridge this week.

4th Street Bridge #1291

Project Description

  • The bridge over the canal on 4th Street will be replaced due to deterioration. The new bridge will be extended to connect to the existing bridge nearby on Kay Street. Sidewalk will be added on 4th Street to run east over the new bridge and connect to the existing sidewalk on Kay Street. Pedestrian ramp improvements will be added to the southwest corner.
Design:  FY2015

Right-of-Way:  FY2016

Construction:  2017

Time Frame

Start Date: February 2017
End Date: Mid-April 2017