Current Project
Brian McCarthy
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Roosevelt Street, Rose Hill to Emerald Street

General Description

Proposed Improvements

  • Construct curb, gutter and sidewalk on the west side of Roosevelt Street between Rose Hill and Emerald Street.
  • Replace existing narrow sidewalk on east side of Roosevelt Street between Rose Hill and Alpine Street with curb, gutter and separated sidewalk.
  • Add bike lanes and sharrows (shared road markings).
    • Why the mix of bike facilities? While there are bike lanes on both sides of the street south of Alpine, north of Alpine there is only enough room within the existing right-of-way for a bike lane on the east side and sharrows on the west. Adding a dedicated bike lane on the west side would mean more significant impacts to property owners.
  • Maintain existing on-street parking.
  • View the project design under Related Documents to the right of your screen.
Project Purpose
  • Increase pedestrian connectivity.
  • Increase connectivity for children walking to local schools.
Project Schedule
  • Late 2015 – Began design
  • Summer 2016 – Public feedback
  • Fall 2016 - Final design
  • 2018 -  Right-of-way purchases
  • 2019 – Construction

Time Frame

Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD