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Ryan Cutler
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Five Mile, Fairview to Ustick

General Description

This project is substantially complete as of December 1, 2016.  

  • Widen roadway to five lanes
  • Add curb, gutter, sidewalk and bike lanes
  • HAWK signal will be added mid-block
  • No intersection work will be done with this project

Project Purpose
  • Address congestion on Five Mile Road
  • Accommodate future traffic demand
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety

Design Considerations

  • Private property impacts
  • Safety
  • Driveways
  • City of Boise’s park property
  • Irrigation facilities
  • Drainage
  • Access points for neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs
  • Transit
  • Construction costs

Where is the project at in the process?

The Five Mile project is nearing the end of design. At this stage we are seeking input from the public on plans that are 75 percent complete. Once the public comments have been reviewed, the design will be finalized.

What has changed with the design?

The planter strips were removed, making the roadway more narrow than originally proposed. The roadway is now 84 feet wide instead of 89 feet. In addition, a painted center turn lane will be installed instead of medians.

Why were the medians removed?

  • The large number of cross streets limited the places where medians could be installed, reducing the median’s effectiveness.
  • Additional right-of-way would have been needed to facilitate U-turns, increasing the project cost.
  • The City of Boise decided not to participate in landscaping the medians, removing the funding source to install and maintain trees and shrubs.

What is next?

After the public comments have been evaluated the design will be completed. Right-of-way acquisition is planned for 2014/2015 and construction is currently scheduled for 2016.

Time Frame

Start Date: Construction 2015
End Date: TBD