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Orchard Street Realignment Study, Victory Road to Gowen Road

ACHD is currently conducting the Orchard Street Realignment Study to evaluate widening, realigning and redesigning Orchard Street between Gowen Road and Victory Road.

The study will include:

  • Identifying a new Orchard Street alignment to connect with the Lake Hazel Extension south of Gowen Road.
  • Determining the appropriate roadway cross-section, including bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Evaluating what type of intersection should be designed for the new Orchard Street/Gowen Road /Lake Hazel Extension intersection
  • Determining future connections between the existing and re-aligned Orchard Street, as well as side streets such as Diamond Street, Aeronca Street, and Dorman Street.
  • Identifying modifications to the existing Orchard Street/Gowen Road/Harvard Street intersection.

Project Purpose

  • Provide a roadway that meets the needs of all users
  • Provide a direct connection to the Lake Hazel Extension
  • Support the City of Boise's Airport Master Plan

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Brooke Green

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