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Cole Road and Overland Road Intersection

Construction Update as of 01/13/18:  The Preconstruction Meeting will be held January 23rd. The Notice to Proceed is scheduled for March.

General Description:
The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is proposing to replace the free running right-turns at the Cole and Overland intersection with signalized right turns. Why? The intersection has had a well-above-average number of crashes, nearly half occurring at the free running right-turns. Signalizing the right turns, along with upgrading the intersection lighting and other improvements, will help increase safety and decrease crashes.

Project Purpose

  • Improve safety at intersection by signalizing the right-turns.

Project Considerations

  • Safety
  • Traffic volumes
  • Pedestrians & bicyclists
  • Impacts to adjacent property
  • Lighting
  • Utilities

Project Schedule

  • February 2017 - Began design
  • April  2017 - Public feedback
  • June 2017 - Final design
  • Summer 2017 - Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will drivers be able to make a right turn on red? Yes.
  • Will the new signals increase congestion? No. Signalizing the right turns is not expected to add a noticeable amount of delay because the signal timing will be optimized for the new traffic pattern.

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