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State Highway 55 (SH 55) and Hill Road (2012)

General Description:

Construction Impacts

Crews will work daytime hours, generally between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Weekend work is possible, however work will not be permitted over the Memorial Day weekend on State Highway 55.

Impacts during construction include, but are not limited to, general construction noise, large equipment, lane restrictions, possible delays, reduced speeds, flaggers directing traffic and ground vibration.

  A traffic signal is planned for the intersection of State Highway 55 (SH 55) and Hill Road, which is currently controlled by a two-way stop on the Hill Road intersection approaches. It is anticipated that traffic volumes from the west and at this intersection will increase with construction of the Hill Road Extension.

Constructing a traffic signal at this intersection will provide safer and protected turning movements for motorists and will reduce the delay for vehicles wanting to enter onto SH 55 from Hill Road. Construction is anticipated to get underway in spring 2012.


Project Description

  • Construct a traffic signal at the intersection of State Highway 55 and Hill Road
  • Widen the intersection approaches to add right turn lanes (intersection will not be entirely rebuilt)
  • Project will be built before construction of the Hill Road Extension

In 2010, the ACHD Commissioners approved the addition of right turn lanes on all intersection approaches. SH 55 is under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), however ITD gave permission to construct the right turn lanes on SH 55 with ACHD's intersection signalization project.


Project Time Line
The SH 55 and Hill Road intersection project has been designed and the right-of-way process is underway. Construction is anticipated to begin in May (2012) and be complete in late June (2012).


Time Frame

Start Date:
May 2012
End Date:
Late June 2012

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