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Ten Mile Road and Amity Road Roundabout

A preconstruction meeting was held on January 15th. Construction will start February 1st.

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Starting in late January, the Ada County Highway District will begin construction on the Ten Mile and Amity Roundabout Project. Construction is anticipated to be complete mid-summer 2021. 

Work will include reconstructing the intersection to a multi-lane roundabout. The roundabout will feature one lane in the center, with two lanes approaching the intersection - one lane for making the first right turn and another to enter the roundabout; new curb, gutter, and sidewalk; crosswalks; bicycle ramps; a truck apron and street lighting.  

Impacts could include lane restrictions with flaggers, full intersection closures, general construction noise, dust, equipment back up alarms, and ground vibration.


Update 9/30/2020: Utility Work to Begin Next Week at the Ten Mile and Amity Intersection

Starting in late January 2021 the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) will begin construction on the Ten Mile and Amity Roundabout Project. This project includes reconstructing the intersection with a multi-lane roundabout, including new curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lighting, irrigation and utility replacements/relocations, and new stormwater systems.     

In preparation for that work, utility companies will be out as early as next week relocating overhead and underground facilities.

The utility work will be done during the day and there will be lane restrictions with flaggers as necessary.

As the January construction time frame nears, please watch your mailbox for more specifics on what neighbors and commuters can expect during the intersection project.


The Ada County Highway District is designing a roundabout for the Ten Mile and Amity intersection. The purpose of the project is to increase safety for current and future users - motorists, pedestrians & bicyclists - as well as accommodate future traffic volumes. Please note that the comment period closed on January 11, 2018.

Project Background

The Ten Mile and Amity roundabout project is an outcome of recommendations from the Ada County Roundabout Study: Amity Road Intersections. As part of the study, six intersections along the Amity Road Corridor were evaluated to determine whether a roundabout would be an appropriate traffic control measure to accommodate future growth.

The Ten Mile Road and Amity Road intersection was one of four intersections determined as viable for a future roundabout because:

  • The Amity Road corridor is frequently used as a parallel access to Interstate 84
  • A roundabout will increase traffic flow and improve safety
  • It is in close proximity to the Ten Mile Interchange
  • A roundabout will accommodate projected growth in the area

Project Description

  • Build a single lane roundabout with the option for expansion to 2 lanes in the future when traffic volumes warrant it
  • Construct curb, gutter, sidewalk and bike facilities
  • 20 mph advisory speed limit through roundabout
  • Large trucks/vehicles may use 'truck apron' around perimeter of roundabout if needed
  • Center portion of roundabout will likely include gravel and large rocks (similar to Eagle and Amity)

In June 2007, ACHD held a public open house to share the roundabout study information and conceptual plans for a roundabout at Ten Mile and Amity. ACHD Commissioners adopted the recommendations from the Ada County Roundabout Study: Amity Road Intersections in January 2008. Since then, a preliminary roundabout design has been created and was presented for public input at an open house in March 2009. To view open house displays, which include the preliminary design or to comment on the project, see "Related Documents" located on the upper right side of this page.


Questions and Answers

Q: How will the proposed roundabout improve

A: Over time, the current 2-way stop-controlled intersection will not be able to accommodate anticipated traffic growth and function safely.

A roundabout will help:

  • Ease congestion.
  • Motorists yield to vehicles in the circulating roadway, helping to decrease congestion and backups.
  • Slow vehicle speeds.The design of the roundabout will require motorists to slow to 15 - 20 mph as they enter and use the roundabout. This also makes it safer for bicyclists, as vehicles and bikes would be traveling at similar speeds.
  • Reduce accidents at intersections. Slower speeds and fewer conflict points than a traditional intersection lend to making a roundabout safer.Studies have shown that roundabouts can significantly reduce most right-angle and head-on collisions that can occur at an intersection.

Q: When will the roundabout be constructed?

A: Based on the currently adopted 2018-2022 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (ACHD's five-year project planning document), the purchase of right-of-way is planned for 2019 and construction is programmed for 2022.

  • Update: This project is under consideration to be reprogrammed for construction to occur in 2021.


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