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Floating Feather, Ballantyne Lane to Hesse Lane (2010)

General Description: 

Project Description

  • The Floating Feather Road project will improve pedestrian facilities and will not involve rebuilding the roadway.
  • Construct a 5-foot asphalt pathway on the north side of Floating Feather Road, between Ballantyne and Hesse lanes to connect to existing improvements.
  • Most of the improvements will be made within ACHD's right-of-way.


Project Purpose

Improve pedestrian safety
Provide a safe route to school for students


Construction Year

Floating Feather is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2010 after school is out for the summer. The project will be completed before school resumes in  the fall.


Why improvements on only one side of the street?

In an effort to maximize tax dollars some pedestrian improvement projects are being constructed on only one side of the street. This enables ACHD to improve pedestrian safety, while at the same time allowing the District to do more pedestrian projects throughout the county.

The side chosen depends on several factors, including: pedestrian safety, amount of gaps in existing sidewalk infrastructure, impacts to property owners, and existing ACHD right-of-way. Every effort was made to choose the side that would increase pedestrian safety while making the best use of available funds. The north side was chosen for this project.


What's next?

After public comments have been evaluated and addressed, the plans will be finalized and ACHD will move towards construction.


Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date:

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