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Garrett Street, Marigold Street to Chelan Avenue (2010)

General Description:


Construction began in November 2010 and was completed in early February 2011.

Project Description

Construct a 5-foot-wide, detached concrete sidewalk on the east side of Garrett from Marigold to Chelan where sidewalk does not currently exist. Project also includes drainage and asphalt repair work.


Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to increase pedestrian safety and connectivity by filling the gap in existing sidewalk. The east side of the road was chosen for sidewalk because some sidewalk currently exists on this side. In addition, the east side has fewer obstructions and impacts than the west side. This project will complete a pedestrian pathway from the Greenbelt to the Bench area.


Time Frame

Start Date:
November 2010
End Date:
February 2011

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