Ada County Highway District

Overland Road, Vista Avenue to Columbus Street

General Description: 

The Ada County Highway District is pleased to announce that sidewalk construction on Overland Road between Vista Avenue and Columbus Street will begin mid-December 2011.


Project description

  • Install curb, gutter and sidewalk on both sides of Overland Road between Vista Avenue and Columbus Street where it currently doesn't exist.
  • Update pedestrian ramps.


Project purpose

  • Increase neighborhood connectivity.
  • Increase safety for pedestrians.


Considerations in developing project

  • Safety
  • Minimizing impacts to landscaping and adjacent properties
  • Construction costs


What's next

The Overland Road Sidewalk project is currently in the design phase. Once public comments have been reviewed and considered, plans will be finalized. ACHD will then acquire the needed right-of-way (land) and proceed with construction.


Time Frame

Start Date:
December 2011
End Date:
April 2012

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Project Manager

Adam Zaragoza

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