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2014 Pipe Replacement Project

General Description:


Four locations in Boise have been identified as areas where pipe needs to be replaced in preparation for future overlays.  The project will begin as early as February 11, 2014 and weather permitting, should be concluded by the first week of April.     

Motorist can expect lane restrictions with flaggers and possible temporary road closures when necessary during these periods of construction.  Local access will be maintained.

28th Street, Lemp Street to Taft Street   

The first phase will begin on 28th Street in Boise between Lemp Street and Taft Street.  It will begin as early as February 11th and take approximately three weeks to complete.  Traffic impacts on this section could include a road closure in front of Lowell Elementary over the President’s Day holiday, starting Saturday, February 15 and reopening Tuesday, February 18.  Local access to 28th Street will be allowed.

Gekeler Lane, W. Fall Drive to E. Woodvine Street

The second phase will replace pipe on South Gekeler Lane between West Fall Drive and East Woodvine Street.  Construction is anticipated to begin on March 3, 2014 and will be completed in approximately two weeks. 

Mallard Drive, Highland Street to ParkCenter Boulevard

The third phase will replace pipe on Mallard Drive between Highland Street and ParkCenter Boulevard.  The project is anticipated to begin March 17 and take approximately one week to complete. 

Warm Springs Avenue, Bruce Avenue to Coston Avenue

The final phase will replace pipe on Warms Springs Avenue between Bruce Avenue and Coston Avenue.  Construction is anticipated to begin March 24 and take approximately four days to complete. 


As part of the process to begin an overlay project, ACHD consultants check pedestrian ramps, curbs, valley gutters, manhole lids and pipes.  Pipes are inventoried and checked for deterioration.  Our local soil can create a chemical reaction with Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMP), causing them to rust prematurely.  Once it is determined that a pipe requires replacement, that process must happen before we can overlay the road the pipe lies beneath.  The overlays in these areas are scheduled to occur in the next two years.  Please check our website frequently for construction updates, as multiple factors can influence start and completion dates, as well as traffic impacts.


Time Frame

Start Date:
February 11, 2014
End Date:
April 2014

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