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Bogus Basin Road Overlays

General Description:

Project Update as of 10/23/15:  This project is substantially complete.

Bogus Basin Road Overlays (Federal Aid Overlays)

Bogus Basin Road from Hill Road to Milepost 9 will milled and repaved beginning this May. The work will be broken up into 3 portions:

  • Hill Road to Curling Drive - As of 5/8/15, this portion has been repaved and crews are finishing working on the manholes.
  • Curling Drive to Milepost 3 - No dates are available yet. The Idaho Transportation Department will bid this project out in the near future.
  • Milepost 3 to Milepost 9 - Crews will start on or about July 29 and the project is anticipated to be complete at the end of September.

This during the project will prove challenging with the combination of steep, windy uphill conditions and large equipment. Heavy haul trucks will be hauling material between the construction site and the Bogus Basin Recreation Area parking lot. Motorists and bicyclists alike are being advised to avoid the construction area wherever possible. Once the road has been milled, the surface of the road will be very rough. Delays of up to 20 minutes can be expected for all road users.

Time Frame

Start Date:
July 2015
End Date:
September 2015

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