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Cloverdale Road Concept Design

General Description:

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011 the ACHD Commission adopted the Cloverdale Road Concept Design. The concept design will guide the future design of Cloverdale Road from Chinden Boulevard to Interstate 84.

Below is the Cloverdale Road Concept Design, divided by section.

Letter to ACHD from City of Boise

1.0 - Executive Summary

2.0 - Introduction

3.0 - Purpose of the Project

4.0 - Background Information

5.0 - Data Collection

6.0 - Traffic

7.0 - Public Involvement

8.0 - Identification and Evaluation of Design Options 

9.0 - Proposed Improvements

10.0 Design Considerations

11.0 Pedestrian and Bicycle Recommendations

12.0 Implementation Schedule

Throughout the Treasure Valley growth has increased demand on the transportation system. This is especially apparent in the West Bench area of Boise, between Chinden Boulevard (US 20/26) and Interstate 84, where commercial and residential growth has increased traffic on local streets, including Cloverdale Road.

The Cloverdale Concept Design began in the spring of 2007. In late 2007, the concept design was placed on hold while ACHD completed a broader evaluation of the north-south roadways in the West Bench area. The West Bench Circulation Study was completed in June 2008.

The Cloverdale Concept Design resumed in the summer of 2008 and options were evaluated with the help of a Community Advisory Committee.
A Cloverdale Road Concept Design team was established to work with the public and area stakeholders to develop a long-range plan to improve mobility in West Boise.

Project Purpose
The Cloverdale Road Concept Design process will identify alternatives that:

  • Improve safety
  • Identify long-range needs for the Cloverdale Road corridor
  • Develop and improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities in compliance with local and regional land use and transportation plans
  • Accommodate future traffic demand
  • Facilitate ACHD's Safe Routes to School Program by identifying potential pedestrian improvements in coordination with the Meridian School District

Public Involvement
The first public open house for this project was held on May 9, 2007 and the second was held March 12, 2009. Open house displays and materials can be found under "Related Documents" on the right side of this page. 

Project Status
The concept design is currently nearing completion. Ultimately, Boise City Council and the ACHD Commissioners will determine which of the two final roadway scenarios would best serve the future of Cloverdale Road. To view the design options for consideration, click here.

Related Projects

  • The Three-Cities River Crossing Project is a study led by ACHD to evaluate a possible future route across the Boise River to connect State Street, where it meets Highway 55 north to McCall, with Chinden Boulevard (US 20/26) on the south to Cloverdale. The study, currently in the environmental stage, borders or passes through the cities of Boise, Eagle, and Garden City. The crossing would provide an additional route across the Boise River and relieve congestion on Eagle and Glenwood.
  • Sections of Cloverdale Road have already undergone improvements:
  1. I-84 to Overland Road: widened to five lanes with curb, gutter, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes (2005)
  2. Chinden Boulevard intersection: The Idaho Transportation Department constructed the final phase of a five-lane widening project, which included improvements to the Chinden/Cloverdale intersection (Spring/Summer 2007)
  3. McMillan Road to Ustick Road: Constructed an asphalt pathway (2007)
  4. Fairview Avenue: Intersection improvements (2008).

Information on other scheduled projects can be found in the ACHD Five-Year Work Plan (FYWP)

  • Multiple widening projects on Cloverdale Road, between Chinden Boulevard and Columbia Road, are identified in the ACHD Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) as necessary improvements beyond the next five years.


Time Frame

Start Date:
January 2007
End Date:
Summer 2009

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