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Fairview Avenue Concept Design: Linder Road to Orchard Street

General Description:

Throughout the Treasure Valley, growth has increased demand on the transportation system. This is especially evident on Fairview Avenue, a significant transportation corridor that serves both Boise and Meridian, where commercial and residential growth have contributed to increased traffic. Growth has not only resulted in congestion throughout the corridor, but it has also unintentionally moved traffic onto other roadways that weren't meant to carry large amounts of traffic.

As a result, in 2007 the Ada County Highway District began work on a concept design for Fairview Avenue between Orchard Street in Boise to Linder Road in Meridian. The goal of this concept design is to determine the best future use for Fairview and develop a long-range transportation plan to improve mobility throughout the corridor.

Purpose of Project

  • Improve safety
  • Determine transportation needs of the corridor
  • Determine how to accommodate future traffic demand
  • Evaluate bicycle, pedestrian and transit options
  • Improve traffic operations
  • Determine lane configurations


Time Frame

Start Date:
Concept Design Currently on Hold
End Date:

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