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General Description:

Construction includes replacing asphalt pavement and improving adjacent pedestrian ramps as needed. Some areas have been identified as needing a slightly more extensive amount of maintenance repair. Asphalt in these areas will be removed, then a portion of the base material will be removed and replaced, followed by the placement of new asphalt pavement. The following street segments will be included in this project:

Construction update as of 8/17/18:  The contractor has 150 working days to complete the contract.

  • 3rd Street, Myrtle to Front Street and Jefferson Street to Fort Street: Concrete work is complete for the segment between Myrtle and Front.
  • 4th Street, State Street to Washington Street: Complete
  • 11th Street, Myrtle Street to Front Street and Main Street to Bannock Street: Complete
  • Amity Road, Production Street to Market Street: Complete
  • Cherry Lane, Ten Mile Road to Meridian Road: Concrete work started on August 10th and is ongoing. there may be periodic lane restrictions to allow for pedestrian routes during the concrete work. Milling and paving is scheduled for mid-September
  • Collister Drive, Hill Road to Quail Ridge Drive: Complete
  • Curtis Road, Morris Hill Road to the south off-ramp of Interstate I-84
  • Harrison Boulevard, Hays Street to Hill Road:  Milling will begin on Wednesday, August 15th. Paving is expected the week of August 20th. There will be parking restrictions on both sides of the street during milling and paving operations
  • Irene Street, N. 33rd Street to N. 28th Street: Paving is complete. Remaining work includes permanent striping
  • Irene Street, N. 26th Street to Harrison Boulevard:  Asphalt paving is complete. Remaining work includes permanent striping
  • Rose Hill Street, Roosevelt Street to Vista Avenue:  Work to install a signalized pedestrian crossing at Peasley started on July 5th. Concrete work is nearly complete. Milling is expected to begin the week of August 20th and paving is expected the week of August 27th
  • Seamans Gulch Road, Hill Road Parkway to the Ada County Landfill entrance: Paving is complete. Remaining work includes manhole adjustments and permanent striping
  • Sycamore Drive, State Street to Taft Street:  Paving is complete. Remaining work includes manhole adjustments and permanent striping
  • Taft Street, N. 32nd Street to N. 28th Street:  Complete
Time Frame
Start Date:
Spring 2018
End Date:
Late Fall 2018

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Joseph Tate III

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