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Federal Aid Capital Maintenance

General Description:

Construction includes replacing asphalt pavement and improving adjacent pedestrian ramps as needed. Some areas have been identified as needing a slightly more extensive amount of maintenance repair. Asphalt in these areas will be removed, then a portion of the base material will be removed and replaced, followed by the placement of new asphalt pavement. The following street segments will be included in this project:

Construction update: This project is considered substantially complete as of November 2nd, 2018.

  • 3rd Street, Myrtle to Front Street and Jefferson Street to Fort Street:
  • 4th Street, State Street to Washington Street:
  • 11th Street, Myrtle Street to Front Street and Main Street to Bannock Street:
  • Amity Road, Production Street to Market Street:
  • Cherry Lane, Ten Mile Road to Meridian Road:
  • Collister Drive, Hill Road to Quail Ridge Drive: 
  • Curtis Road, Morris Hill Road to the south off-ramp of Interstate I-84:
  • Harrison Boulevard, Hays Street to Hill Road: 
  • Irene Street, N. 33rd Street to N. 28th Street:
  • Irene Street, N. 26th Street to Harrison Boulevard:  
  • Rose Hill Street, Roosevelt Street to Vista Avenue: 
  • Seamans Gulch Road, Hill Road Parkway to the Ada County Landfill entrance:
  • Sycamore Drive, State Street to Taft Street:  
  • Taft Street, N. 32nd Street to N. 28th Street: 
Time Frame
Start Date:
Spring 2018
End Date:
Late Fall 2018

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Project Manager

Joseph Tate III

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