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Kuna Park and Ride Lot Project

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The ACHD Commission chose the "no build" option for the proposed Kuna Park & Ride project on March 23, 2011. After months of intensive study and public outreach, none of the candidate locations gained the complete support of ACHD staff, the City of Kuna, the general public or the existing vanpool riders. Given the lack of consensus, the Commissioners chose not to move ahead with the project at this time.


ACHD Commuteride, an arm of the Ada County Highway District, and the City of Kuna are seeking comments on a project to build a new Park & Ride lot in or near the City of Kuna to serve commuters meeting the bus, vanpools or carpools.

ACHD Commuteride currently has four informal Park & Ride lots around Kuna, however the goal of this project is to establish a permanent location. The new site would be paved and meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for accessibility. It could offer commuters amenities such as bike lockers and lighting. The first step is to determine the location of the new Park & Ride lot and four proposed sites have been selected for review.

For a map of the proposed sites, please see "Related Documents."


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