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Meridian Road & Main Street Split Corridor, Phase 1

General Description:


The Meridian Split Corridor project has been identified in the Downtown Meridian Transportation Management Plan as the number one priority of the City of Meridian.


Project Purpose

  • Improve capacity and accommodate existing and future traffic volumes along the Main Street and Meridian Road Corridor.
  • Improve the safety of the Main/Waltman/Meridian/Central intersection through realignment of the roadway.
  • Add a multi-use pathway to the east side of Main Street.


Project Description

  • Construct the southern portion of the Meridian Road and Main Street Split Corridor, between I-84 and Franklin Road.
  • Reconstruct and realign the Main/Waltman/Meridian/Central intersection.
  • Widen Franklin Road between Meridian and Main to accommodate a longer left turn lane for traffic turning onto Meridian. 
  • Re-stripe Meridian Road and Main Street for one-way traffic.
  • Add sidewalks on west side of Main Street where they currently do not exist.    


Time Frame

Start Date:
February 9, 2009
End Date:
August 2009

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