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Subdivision Street Resurfacing (2013)

General Description:

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Each year, ACHD works to improve the quality of roadways within Ada County -- from heavily traveled roads to the streets within your neighborhood. To maintain quality roads, ACHD closely evaluates the condition of each road and determines when it is most appropriate to perform a maintenance treatment, and which type of treatment the street should receive.

This year, ACHD will resurface streets within several subdivisions with a new layer of asphalt -- the method is called a thin lift overlay. This treatment will improve the longevity of the street and provide a smooth travel surface.

Construction: July through mid-September

Construction will include removing a portion of the existing asphalt and the resurfacing of several streets in your subdivision. Curbs, gutters, valley gutters and sidewalks will also be replaced as needed. This may include the removal and replacement of concrete, which requires jack hammering. It is possible that not every street in your neighborhood will receive new asphalt.

To view a map of the streets planned for resurfacing, click on the links below:

Weekly construction updates are available in the Weekly Construction Updates document.

Work Hours & Impacts
Crews will work between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Impacts during construction may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ground vibration
  • On-street parking restrictions
  • Lane restrictions
  • Traffic delays
  • General construction noise
  • Large equipment moving through the area
  • Uneven driving surface
  • Driveway impacts

There may be times when the contractor will be working in front of your driveway and temporary access restrictions will be necessary. The contractor will work with the affected residents. 

Additional Overlay Work this Spring and Summer

Additional overlay work will occur on major roadways in proximity to the Indian Lakes, North of Wright, and Johnson Park areas.


Time Frame

Start Date:
July 2013
End Date:
September 2013

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