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Three Cities Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project (2014)

General Description:

UPDATE as of 11/20/14--This project is substantially complete as of 11/05/2014.

The Three Cities Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project is a joint project between the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) to improve traffic flow on four arterials within Ada County. 

The four arterials include Eagle Road (SH-55), State Street (SH-44), Glenwood Street (SH-44), and Chinden Boulevard (US-20/26).

The existing signals on these four corridors cannot automatically detect unexpected changes in traffic demand.  Unexpected incidents, special events, and emergency situations dramatically decrease the efficiency of the corridors.  Currently, signal engineers have to go into the field to manually adjust signal timing when an incident or event occurs. 

The Three Cities ITS project will improve traffic flow and decrease congestion by providing flexibility to address fluctuating traffic demand during peak hour periods, community events and for traffic incidents in the project area. The proposed project would install Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT) and additional ITS features to improve the traffic flow.

The project is federally funded and a local match is being provided by ACHD.

How does the proposed system work?
The proposed improvements would allow the traffic signal systems to automatically adjust to unexpected conditions and optimize the signal timing system to improve traffic efficiency.  Based on conditions, the new system will automatically adjust the signal timing to best accommodate ever-changing traffic patterns and ease traffic congestion. For peak traffic periods, the system will recognize the direction of heaviest flow in real time and react accordingly.

More information on ACHD's ITS is available

What is the project schedule?
 Construction is anticipated to begin in June of 2014 and will be completed late this summer or early this fall.

What are the construction impacts?
Construction for the project will occur within existing public right-of-way including existing roadway shoulder areas and intersections. Minor traffic disruptions and single lane closures may be required in some locations.  New fiber optic cable is proposed in the shoulder areas adjacent to State Street and Glenwood Street.

Will business access be impacted?
Access to businesses will remain open during construction. Short closures may be necessary for the installation of fiber optic cable under driveways. Trenches would be back-filled immediately after the conduit is installed so that access impacts are minimized.


Time Frame

Start Date:
Construction anticipated for Jun 2014
End Date:
Late Summer/Early Fall 2014

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