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2021 Microseal

Construction Update October 15, 2021: Microseal work is complete. Parking stripes remaining.

Construction Update August 19, 2021: Microseal work is complete. Remaining work includes installation of pavement markings.

Construction Update August 6, 2021: Construction is moving along. Please note, these are the streets remaining: 

  • 3rd Street, Front to Jefferson
  • 4th Street, Grove St. to State St. 
  • River St., 9th St. to Capitol
  • Main St., 16th to 13th Street

Construction Update July 26, 2021: ACHD will begin maintenance on the segments listed below on July 26th, 27th, and 28th. Most of the work will be done at night. View the schedule here. 

General Description:

Beginning in late July 2021, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) will begin work on several Boise roads. This annual pavement maintenance project involves cleaning the surface of the existing asphalt, then applying a fast-drying asphalt-based sealant. This project is for preventative maintenance of the roadways. There will be closures in place for each segment of road with detour routes. 

The following road segments are included in the program:

  • 13th Street, Front Street to Main Street
  • 3rd Street, Front Street to Jefferson Street
  • 2nd Street, Myrtle Street to Front Street
  • 4th Street, Grove Street to State Street
  • Broad Street, 9th Street to 8th Street
  • Front Street, 16th Street to 13th Street
  • River Street, 9th Street to Capitol Boulevard
  • Main Street, 16th Street to 13th Street
  • Main Street, 10th Street to Broadway Avenue 


Time Frame

Start Date:
July 2021
End Date:
August 2021

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Project Manager

Brian McCarthy

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