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Cole Road, I-84 to Franklin Road

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There will be a ribbon cutting for this project on November 20th. The project is substantially complete.

Construction Update as of 10/31/19:
Concrete paving is complete. Most of the paving on South Cole Road is complete. Crews will begin construction of the center islands and permanent striping next week.

Construction Update as of 9/27/19:
Gratz Drive, where it intersects with Cole Road will be closed on Friday, October 4th for roadway improvements. Thunderbolt Drive will be open. Crews milled the west side of Cole Road and Brookover Drive on Friday, September 27th. October 7th and 8th, Thunderbolt Drive will be closed and Gratz Drive will be open.

Construction Update as of 9/25/19:
Concrete is complete on Franklin Road. Traffic is scheduled to swap to the east side of Cole Road at the intersection the night of Wednesday, September 25th. Crews will begin work to implement the swap at 9 PM.

Construction Update as of 9/16/19:
 The curb, gutter, and sidewalk is done on the west half between McMullen and Franklin. Concrete paving on the south leg of Cole is taking place 9/12/19. Excavation is complete on the project. 
Construction Update as of 9/06/19:
Traffic is on the north side of Franklin and crews are working on the south half. Traffic is on the east side of Cole and crews are working on the west side. The storm drain is complete. Concrete is complete on the west leg of Franklin. Crews are placing curb and gutter on the east leg of Franklin. Concrete paving is scheduled to start on S. Cole the end of next week. 

Construction Update as of 8/27/19:
Concrete will be poured on the west side of Franklin Road starting at 3AM Friday, August 30th. Auto Drive will be closed August 30th to accommodate the concrete paving operations.

Construction Update as of 8/19/19: Starting August 19th,
crews will begin excavation on the south side of Franklin Road east of the intersection and on the east side of S. Cole Road. This work may cause temporary delays at driveway approaches. Most of the storm drain is complete and there is ongoing work for curb, gutter and sidewalk. Concrete paving on Franklin Road west of the intersection is anticipated to begin the end of August.

Construction Update as of 8/9/19:
The majority of the storm drain is complete. There is ongoing excavation on the south side of Franklin Road. Curb and gutter on the south west portion of the intersection is expected to begin in the next week. Ongoing utility relocations.

Construction Update as of 7/25/19:
Camas Street will be closed from Monday, July 29th to Thursday, August 1st for underground utility work. Camas will be local access only from Boulder Drive to Gardenaire Place.

Suez tentatively plans to close Auto Drive to work on a water main the night of August 1st. There is ongoing work for storm drain installation, utility relocations and excavation.

Construction Update as of 7/18/19:

Traffic was shifted on the night of July 17th for both Franklin Road and Cole Road. Traffic on Franklin Road is now on the north side of the road. Traffic on Cole Road is now on the east side of the road from Thunderbolt Drive to McMullen Street. Traffic remains on the west side of Cole Road from Franklin Road to Thunderbolt Drive. Map of traffic pattern in png

The traffic shift began at 9 PM and was implemented by the Thursday morning commute. There will continue to be one lane in each direction on both Cole Road and Franklin Road during construction.

N. Cole Road re-opened Thursday morning, July 18th.

Construction Update as of 7/10/19: North Cole Road is expected to re-open July 18th. Traffic on Franklin Road will shift to the north side of the road the night of July 17th. The new traffic pattern will be in place by the morning commute July 18th.  This shift will allow work to begin on the south side of Franklin Road.

Traffic is on the new pavement on the east side of Cole Road between the bridge and the south end of the project and work has begun on the west side of the road.

Most of the curb, gutter and sidewalk is complete on the east side of Cole Road. All of the curb and gutter is complete on the north side of Franklin Road. There is ongoing work on storm drain and on the west side of Cole south of the canal.

Cole Road between Franklin Road and Barrister Drive Remains Closed.  

Changeable message boards have been placed in advance of all four legs of the intersection to notify drivers of this upcoming change. Businesses will remain open, but some access points have changed. Signs will be present to help drivers find the appropriate routes to businesses during this closure. The map directly below illustrates some of the alternative routes motorists may consider using during this time.

Why close the road?

An evaluation was made of the amount of space available in the intersection while still maintaining travel lanes on Franklin Road, and it was determined there was not adequate room to safely place equipment and pour the concrete paving on the northern portion of Franklin Road and North Cole Road. If North Cole had remained open, traffic on Franklin Road would have been significantly impacted and the intersection would experience substantial delays. Therefore, in order to maintain a safe work zone and to keep traffic on Franklin Road moving, the road needed to close. North Cole Road was always expected to close for a period of time to allow for work on the railroad crossing, and in order to prevent multiple closures, the decision was made to keep the road closed for longer in order to build the improvements for North Cole and the northern side of Franklin. Closing the road also has the added benefit of speeding up work in this area, thereby saving time in the overall construction schedule

Construction Update as of 5/17/19:

Cole Road between Franklin and Barrister closed the morning of May 17th at 6:00 AM. The railroad will work on the crossing for the first week of the closure. Then the contractor will begin preparing and placing concrete on the north side of the intersection.

Curb is nearly complete on the east side of Cole Road from the bridge to the south. Sidewalk in this area is also being placed. Curb is being placed on the north east side of Franklin.

Previous Traffic Updates:

Traffic on Franklin Road and Cole Road has been reduced to one lane in each direction as of March 26th. Crews are working on storm drain installation as well as installing sewer on Franklin Road. Most of the walls on the east side of Cole Road have been built. Crews are working on placing 3/4" material on the east side of Cole Road.

Paving on McMullen is nearly complete and the bottom lift of asphalt is in place. The new signal is open!

Traffic on Franklin Road was shifted to the south side on the night of Monday, March 25th.  The new traffic pattern includes one lane in each direction on Franklin Road including left turn lanes at the intersection. This traffic pattern is expected to cause delays, motorists are encouraged to seek alternative routes when possible.

The traffic shift on Franklin Road has been postponed until the night of Monday, March 25th. Work will begin at 8:00 PM and will last until 6:00 AM. Traffic will be moved to the south side of Franklin Road to allow for work to begin on the north side of the road. There will be one eastbound lane, one westbound lane and left turn lanes as part of the new configuration. Pedestrians should use the east side of Cole Road north of the intersection and the south side of Franklin Road. This traffic shift will put the project into Phase 2 of construction. The traffic shift was previously planned for the night of March 18th.

Work on the north side of Franklin Road is expected to begin as early as the week of March 25th. In preparation of that work, there has been ongoing utility relocations with temporary lane restrictions. This schedule is weather dependent and subject to change.

Traffic was shifted to the west side of Cole Road and work is underway on the east side of Cole. McMullen on the east side is closed to all but local traffic as part of the work to realign that intersection.

What Can Neighbors and Commuters Expect?

  • Work is anticipated to occur between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Night work and weekend work is expected.
  • Work will include, but not be limited to, general construction noise, dust, equipment backup alarms, and ground vibration.
  • Access to businesses will remain open at all times, although ingress and egress may be shifted to accommodate construction. If business access will be impacted, the contractor will coordinate with adjacent businesses.

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General Description:

  • Widen roadway to two lanes in each direction
  • Construct curb, gutter, sidewalk and bike lanes
  • Add medians where necessary
  • Widen the Cole and Franklin intersection
  • Realign the intersection at Cole and McMullen
  • Install a signalized pedestrian crossing at Camas Street and Cole Road
  • The Boise Valley Railroad will be widening the railroad crossing at Cole and Franklin during this project

This project came from the Cole Road Concept Design. For more information, see the Cole Road Concept Design page.

Materials from May 13, 2015 Open House


Time Frame

Start Date: 2019
End Date: 2019

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