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Glenwood and State Intersection Study

Preferred Alternative

Based on public input and the technical evaluation criteria, ACHD and ITD have identified the Median U-Turn as the preferred alternative for design and have completed the initial concept phase of this project. Based on this report, ACHD and ITD will now move forward to secure funding and identify a year for full technical design and construction. Once that happens, the ACHD Commission and ITD will engage in a State and Local Agreement in order to finalize the selected alternative and proceed into full design. Once design begins, ACHD and ITD anticipate further opportunities for public input. Stay tuned for more updates.


Miss the April open houses?

We hosted four open houses at the beginning of April presenting details about the alternatives being considered and asking the public for their input. If you missed the open houses, all the information can be found under "Related Documents". Please note that the comment period closed on April 26, 2018.


Miss the August 15, 2017 Open House?

Information and handouts from the open house can be found under "Related Documents" to the right of your screen.

Alternatives Being Considered Videos

A few of the alternatives being considered may be unfamiliar to some. Below are links to videos showing how two of the intersection types work.

General Description
The Glenwood Street and State Street intersection is a critical junction for moving people and goods through the State Street corridor and connecting the cities of Boise, Garden City, Eagle and Star. The intersection's diverse set of challenges have led the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and Ada County Highway District (ACHD) to initiate the Glenwood Street and State Street Intersection Study.

This study will engage local agencies, property owners, businesses, and the community to identify a preferred solution that:

  • Improves intersection functionality for all users, including those with disabilities,
  • Provides enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connectivity,
  • Accommodates the surrounding current and planned land uses, including the proposed redevelopment of State Street as a transit-oriented corridor,
  • Complies with ACHD and ITD standards and supports the transportation vision for State Street

More Information


Study Time Frame

Start Date:
Spring 2017
End Date:
Winter 2017-2018

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