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ACHD Commission Continues Pause on the Main & Idaho Bicycle Lanes Proposals

The ACHD Commission in July affirmed an earlier decision to defer consideration of new bicycle facilities on Main and Idaho streets until an unspecified, future date. The Commission majority said holding back on the proposals would allow the impacts of a flurry of major construction projects and the ongoing conversions of a number of streets from one- to two-way travel to become clear.

On July 13, 2016, Commissioners reviewed the plan for Jefferson Street, directing staff on the kind of bicycle facilities to add to the street in the fall when the conversion from one- to two-way operation is completed.

Concerned about the potential loss of more than 100 parking spaces, the Commission majority told ACHD staff to put in sharrows -- shared lane markings indicating where bicyclists would ride within the regular traffic vehicle lane -- on Jefferson from 1st to 16th streets. The sharrows will be applied by early October, when the paving of the Jefferson is expected to be finished and striping of the road completed.
The adopted Downtown Boise Implementation Plan from late 2013 called for Jefferson to receive bike lanes, which would come at the cost of the parking. The City of Boise strongly supported altering the plan to utilize sharrows.


The ACHD Commission has decided to defer consideration of the addition of bicycle facilities to Main and Idaho streets at this time.

Accordingly, there will be no hearing on April 27, 2016 to consider alternatives to add bike facilities to the streets, nor has any future date been set. The previously approved conversion of Jefferson Street to two-way traffic with the addition of bike lanes will move forward later this year.

Commissioners are concerned about the general turmoil in downtown Boise with the ongoing, and major, construction projects involving the Main Street Station and Boise Convention Center expansion, the Simplot headquarters/Jack's Urban Meeting Place, and the pending request from St. Luke's for the vacation of two blocks of Jefferson Street and the related $400 million hospital expansion. Commissioners are also awaiting the conclusion from the Boise Circulator Study, which is considering a new shuttle bus or light rail system for downtown streets.

Some of these projects and issues are expected to be completed or resolved by summer 2016.


Materials from March 16, 2016 Open House
Materials from the March 16, 2016 open house can be found under "Related Documents" to the right of your screen.......

At the request of the City of Boise, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is evaluating a proposal to include bicycle lanes on Main and Idaho streets to improve access to downtown for cyclists and ease sidewalk congestion. Adding bike lanes to Main and Idaho would replace the current plan to remove parking on the north side of Jefferson Street to make room for bike lanes.

Join us on March 16 to view and comment on four concepts:
No-Build: Bike lanes on Jefferson

  • No bike lanes on Main and Idaho streets.
  • Remove on-street parking from the north side of Jefferson Street to add bike lanes.

Bike lanes protected by parking

  • Move on-street parking between new bike lane and motor vehicle lanes on Main and Idaho streets
  • Removes one motor vehicle lane on parts of Main and Idaho streets.

Bike lanes with painted buffer

  • Painted buffer between new bike lane and on-street parking and the adjacent motor vehicle lane on Main and Idaho streets
  • Removes one motor vehicle lane on parts of Main and Idaho streets.

Protected bike lanes

  • Replace on-street parking on one side of Main and Idaho streets with new bike lane separated by a painted, three-foot buffer and a vertical element, such as a row of plastic pylons.

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