ACHD Budget Fiscal Year 2023

 The FY 24-25 Budget (Draft) is available for viewing.

The ACHD Commission evaluated and approved a spending plan of over $185 million for fiscal year 2023. The plan includes projects to increase safety and mobility, and also provides for the maintenance and operation of Ada County's roads, sidewalks, traffic signals, bike lanes and related infrastructure. The budget includes $14 million for improvements in pedestrian facilities and bikeways, and a $80 million capital program with over 100 projects, including:

ACHD’s road infrastructure was recently rated, for the sixth consecutive year, as one of the best in the Northwest to include Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. It was also rated in the top echelons across the County for Urban / Rural roads. The largest portion of our budget goes toward maintaining and operating the county's growing lane miles of roadway, intersections, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and bridge improvements which will make it easier for people to travel throughout the county.

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget By Sections

Budgets by Division and Department:

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