Capital Investment Citizens Advisory Committee (CICAC)

Created in 1991 to serve as a recommending body for the ACHD Commission, the Capital Investments Citizens Advisory Committee (CICAC) is composed of citizens and planners from each of the cities and Ada County. Members assist the District by reviewing the capital improvement portion of the annual budget, mid-year budget adjustments for capital improvements, the Integrated Five-Year Work Plan, the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), as well as other major programs/projects. The CICAC plays a specific role in the Impact Fee Program, which the group has a role defined by Idaho law.

CICAC Membership Requirements and Current Members

According to the CICAC bylaws , at least one member of this committee must have expertise in civil or traffic engineering, one member must have expertise in economics, accounting or finance, one member must be active in neighborhood organizations while two members must be active in the business of development, building or real estate.

The Current Committee members are:

  •   Kent Brown is the citizen representative for the City of Garden City.
  •   George Murgel is the citizen representative for the City of Kuna.
  •   Kent Rock is the citizen representative for Ada County.
  •   Walter Steed is the citizen representative for the City of Meridian.
  •   Jon Turnipseed is the citizen for the City of Star.
  •   Anne Wescott is the citizen representative for the City of Boise.
  •   Scott Wonders is the citizen representative for the City of Eagle.
Citizen Representatives With No Jurisdiction Affiliation
  •   Peter Oliver
  •   Mike Wardle

Meeting Schedule:

The next meeting is a Virtual Meeting scheduled for February 28, 2022

The meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m.

  February 28, 2022 - Agenda
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