Forms ACHD's most requested forms

The links below are to some of the most requested forms from ACHD for work in the right-of-way and for other purposes. If you are interested in an activity that does not appear below, please call 208-387-6100 for assistance.

  • Bridge Review Checklist
    Required for all bridge crossings and pipe crossings with diameter 36-inches or greater. Form lists the minimum plan requirements for bridge crossings.
    Adobe PDF
  • Certificate of Permittee Identifying General Contractors Authorized to Obtain Temporary Highway and Public Right-of-Way Use Permits
    Adobe PDF
  • Development Services Fee Schedule
    Fees for Plan and Plat Reviews, Right-of-Way Vacations, and License Agreements as adopted by Resolution No. 2321.
    Adobe PDF
  • Driveway Approach Request
    Required for new connections to the roadway.
    Adobe PDF
  • Employment Application
    Required to apply for a job at ACHD.
    Adobe PDF
  • Fiber Optics Form
    Temporary Highway Use Fiber Optic Permit Application Form
    Adobe PDF
  • Fire Department Approval Form
    Engineer/Developer to submit form to appropriate Fire Department for reduced street sections (less than 36), turnarounds and emergency accesses.
    Adobe PDF
  • Five Year Road Moratorium Report
    Roadways requiring special permission to cut.
    GIS Map Application
  • GIS Digital Data Request Form
    Required for requesting GIS data
    Adobe PDF
  • Impact Fee Appeal
    Form to appeal decision of Impact Fee Administrator.
    Adobe PDF
  • Impact Fee -- Application for Individual Assessment
    Form to request an individual assessment to establish an impact fee.
    Adobe PDF
  • Impact Fee Assessment and Tenant Improvement Form
    Adobe PDF
  • Plan Submittal Checklist
    Form to be filled out and submitted at the time plans are sent to review.
    Adobe PDF
  • Plat Submittal Checklist
    Required for Commissioners signature of Plats and Plat re-sign.
    Adobe PDF
  • Public Records Request
    Form to make a records request under ACHD policy and the Idaho Public Records Law.
    JustFOIA Portal
  • Right-Of-Way Plan Checklist
    Requirements for non Federal Aid Right-of-Way plans.
    Adobe PDF
  • Sidewalk Cafe License Agreement
    Guidelines for applying for a Sidewalk Cafe License. Modified from the general license.
    Adobe PDF
  • Sidewalk Inspection Request
    Form for safe sidewalk inspection.
    Laserfiche Form
  • Snow Removal Permit Application and Information
    Requirements for HOAs, citizens, and contractors for snow plowing operations in the public Right of Way.
    Adobe PDF
  • Storm Drain Easement Plat Note
    Approved standard language to be put on plat with reference to Lot and Block.
    Adobe PDF
  • Master Perpetual Storm Water Drainage Easement
    Adobe PDF
  • Storm Water Drainage Confirmation Agreement
    Required for subdivision project to handle the runoff from local streets within a development.
    Adobe PDF
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Inspection Form
    Required Storm Water Construction Site Inspection Form for use during and after construction within a development.
    Laserfiche Form
  • Temporary Sign Placement in Workzones Brochure
    A guide for correct sign placement in workzone areas
    Adobe PDF
  • Traffic Investigation Request
    Needed for temporary or permanent changes in roadway operation, including speed limits, STOP or other signs, new traffic signals, traffic calming (i.e. speed humps) or use permits (i.e. block party). 
    Laserfiche Form
  • Truck Restriction Permit
    Needed for hauling on Eighth Street, Shaw Mountain Road or Table Rock Road.
    Adobe PDF
  • Vacation Application Requirements
    Concerns the process for acquiring public right-of-way that may be surplus for the District.
    Adobe PDF
  • Weed Control - No Spray Request
    Request for not spraying herbicide at a specified location
    Adobe PDF

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