Drainage Maintenance

Photograph of vacuuming out storm drain

The Drainage Maintenance team plays a significant role in storm water management. By implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) and following the guidelines outlined in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, ACHD continues to provide public safety not only in the roadways, but in the waterways as well.

Storm drainage facilities are designed to remove storm water from the roadways during and after a storm event. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these structures help to minimize street flooding, and keeps unwanted sediment and pollutants from infiltrating our waterways and groundwater.

What are Illicit Discharges?

An illicit discharge is any non-storm water substance which has the potential to enter any portion of the drainage system. ACHD responds to hazardous spills on the asphalt as well as in water ways. Last year ACHD responded to approximately 50 such spills.

Photograph of vacuuming out storm drain

Photograph of Duckling rescue

And there are the occasional emergency rescues!

Photograph of Mama Duck and ducklings

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