Business and Community Relations Easing the Impact of Construction

While roadwork improves transportation and makes it easier for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to get to where they need to go, ACHD understands that roadwork itself can be a problem for businesses. ACHD has a Business and Community Relations Coordinator who plans, organizes and implements outreach activities to explain ACHD programs and functions to business and residential community members.

Business Outreach Help During Construction

The Business and Community Relations Coordinator serves as a liaison between the ACHD and the business community to help mitigate any negative impact construction projects may have on businesses. The coordinator provides business support a number of ways:

  • Coordinates with owners to limit disruption when planning the construction schedule
  • Provides up-to-date information on construction phasing and progress
  • Creates and supplies information leaflets and maps for business distrubution to customers
  • Ensures business accesss is maintained
  • Requests roadway signage to help direct traffic to the appropriate driveways

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