Spending and Review Your Tax Dollars at Work

The twelth annual ACHD revenue and expense report, details more than $122 million in spending on new roads, sidewalks and bridges last year and more than $1.5 billion in transportation infrastructure improvement within the cities and Ada County since 2004.
The analysis tracks the revenue collections and spending by local government boundaries and is based on ACHD’s annual – and audited – financial statements filed with the State of Idaho.

A Closer Look Where Does Your Money Go?

The report shows that each city received a relatively even distribution of projects and services in 2021, and while revenue and expenditure numbers fluctuate from year to year, the 15-year span covered by the report depicts how the distribution remains equitable over time. For example, over $27 million in projects, maintenance, and other services were completed within Meridian last year, while Meridian's residents, businesses, developers and visitors contributed over $35 million in property taxes, gas taxes, development impact fees and other revenue to the Ada County Highway District. However, since FY2004, Meridian has received over $360 million in projects and services, and has contributed just over $354 million. Similar comparisons can be made among the other jurisdictions.

"It is a delicate balance to ensure that ACHD resources are as proportionally distributed throughout the county as possible while also focusing on priority areas that benefit all users," said ACHD Commission President Mary May. "While it is important that every city sees value, it is also important to understand the way in which our users move about the county and how projects benefit those throughout the entire network."

ACHD spends resources in areas with the greatest needs within Ada County. Jurisdictional allocation can vary in any given year depending on needs. Development impact fees generated in each jurisdiction paint a picture of high-growth areas. Development impact fees are paid through building permits required for the construction of new homes, retail stores, and industrial buildings.

Meridian produced the most impact fees in 2021, generating nearly $11.5 million, which indicates the substantial growth seen by the city in the last year.

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