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The Road Wizard appears in the ACHD News Blog, and here on the ACHD website each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

2019 Columns

December 29

Signal timing at State Street and Collister Drive and also at Eagle Road and Pine

December 22

Request for a green arrow for NB traffic turning left onto the Connector from 13th Street

December 15

Downtown signal timing; traffic camera use; turn lane to nowhere

December 8

Slippery slope at Can-Ada and New Hope Road; Is the blue-dyed salt and magnesium chloride used to treat snow and ice on the roads safe

December 1

Boise Avenue and Eckert Road wait times; the odd stop bar at Cole Road and Franklin Road; Message from the Road Wizard

November 24

Checking in regarding 25 mph speed limit on Catalpa; speed study on Collister

November 17

Shift on Cloverdale Road not fixed during construction; speed limit increases and trees being cut down in Meridian; why is "T" capitalized on 8Th Street sign

November 10

Roundabouts at Linder & Amity and Lake Hazel & Columbia; turning lane to nowhere on S. Cloverdale; leftover sign on Linder; Message from the Road Wizard

November 3

Pedestrian beacon out of service at Park; appropriate disposal of fallen leaves

October 27

Stop before proceeding on green arrow; speed limit reduction on from Federal Way to Willoway Drive; need for a "Road Curves" sign

October 20

No parking signs in Columbia Village near the Simplot sports complex; street name for old Collister Drive and traffic signal timing at State and Collister

October 13

Stop signs at railroad crossings; arrows pointing toward traffic in bike lanes on Main Street; is ACHD ready for winter

October 6

Main St., Fairview Ave., Whitewater Park Blvd. traffic movements & Railroad yields

September 29

What can be done to reduce speeding on Bogus Basin Road

September 22

Can both right turn lanes turn right on red at the Meridian exit off of I-84; why do cyclists not stop at stop signs or red lights; improvements at the intersection of Cole and Victory

September 15

Uncovered trailers and trucks carrying loads; why are manhole covers in the vehicles wheel path

September 8

What is the process behind naming streets; How often are street signs stolen and what is done about it; How does Adopt-a-Highway work?

September 1

Green left turn traffic signal arrow for 13th Street, flashing yellow arrow traffic signal for Chinden Blvd. and Star Road, and a message from the Road Wizard

August 25

Update on progress on the State & Collister project; signs on private property; stops bars have not been repainted yet in newly chip sealed area

August 18

Flashing yellow arrow traffic signal for Amity Road; request to re-evaluate the signals at 5th Street and Fort Street.

August 11

Trees growing out into the road on Maple Grove; new raised bike lanes for the Cloverdale Overpass; a new street name sign needed for Victory Road; when will the chip seal process be over

August 4

Who is responsible for sidewalk closures in Downtown Boise; upgrading "Doghouse" type traffic signals to flashing yellow arrows; sidewalk sweeping after chip sealing

July 28

New striping on Main and Fairview; bike lanes in downtown Boise; right turn lanes at the intersections of Eagle and Chinden and Eagle and Franklin.

July 21

VRT's commercial advertising violate the ACHD Policy manual; weeds on boulevards and curbs; why crews don't focus on only one road construction project at a time

July 14

Lighting on the Connector; signal timing at Franklin and Allumbaugh streets; idling cars; pedestrian crossing at Chinden and VMP

July 7

Can you make a left turn on a red left arrow; signal timing with Flashing Yellow Arrows; a weed-infested mess on Knox Street

June 30

Gage Street is discontinuous behind the Idaho Youth Ranch warehouse; ACHD no longer gives pea gravel away; twenty-five minute wait on Cherry Lane for the chip seal crew working on Ten Mile Road

June 23

No pavement arrow for middle lane at Kent Lane and Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, early "fall" leaves due to sycamore sickness in Boise; thanks for moving parking restriction at State and 16th streets

June 16

Trouble driving up to a drive-up mailbox just south of State Street on 16th Street; more signs not a solution for lack of yielding to U-turns onto Chinden Boulevard from Eagle Road northbound; water seepage at Shamrock and Goldenrod avenues

June 9

How about policy and signage for zipper merges? Bike lane project closes bike lane at Protest/Kootenai/Federal Way

June 2

Rain covers Lake Hazel Road between Black Cat and Ridgewood roads; ACHD trucks have tools on board to clear blocked signs; speed limit on Floating Feather Road west of Linder Road will stay at 45 mph

May 26

Tattered plastic bag at the Hill/36th streets dog bone roundabout; speeding concerns on Pierce Park Lane; when is Idaho Highway 16 going to be extended to Interstate 84?

May 19

Strange devices at intersections like 27th and Main streets in Boise; reader disappointed about response to eastbound Chinden Boulevard left-turn flashing yellow signal at 36th/Orchard streets; westbound, not eastbound McMillan Road between Five Mile and Cloverdale roads gets manhole help

May 12

Chinden Boulevard/36th Street/Orchard Street has a flashing yellow arrow one way but not the other; drivers cutting through gas station area to avoid the Vista Avenue and Elder Street intersection; mistaken merge lane for Franklin Road onto southbound Eagle Road

May 5

Dedicated left-turn time requested to 8th Street from State Street; stakes and orange tape are signs of early Chinden Boulevard widening efforts; pothole filled in odd pavement area at Fairview Avenue and Whitewater Park Boulevard

April 28

Concrete holes in the sidewalks at 15th and State streets in Boise; too bright, but not bright enough "No U-turn" signs at State Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway/36th Street

April 21

Signal at 5th and Fort streets and ambulance access during road construction; speed bumps on Linden Street in southeast Boise

April 14

Another request to time the Idaho Street "instant" crosswalk signal for St. Luke's Boise Medical Center employees; Sidewalk, bike path, but no road connects 4th Street between Cherry Lane and Maple Avenue in Meridian

April 7

ACHD's recent attempts to prohibit on-street parking before street sweeping; sweeping Five Mile Road between Overland and Franklin roads relatively easy; small swimming-pool-sized pothole on Floating Feather Road at Horseshoe Bend Road; concrete curb causes turning trouble at Franklin and Ten Mile roads

March 31

Easy in, not-so-easy out on the east side of Ten Mile Road between Interstate 84 and Franklin Road; not your standard potholes on Eagle Road between Franklin and McMillan roads

March 24

Risky middle-lane maneuvers on Chinden Boulevard near Orchard Street; bike lane disappears on McMillan Road near Mitchell Street; concerns continue about the Eckert/Healy intersection with Boise Avenue.

March 17

Request to remove center-lane blockers on Locust Grove Road approaching Franklin Road; replacement date for bike bridge at Plantation Island and the Boise River; signal stays red at Overland Road and Silverstone Way, but no problems found

March 10

Reader thinks ACHD plows excessively; yellow arrow, green arrow displays at 9th and River streets in downtown Boise; who is responsible for cleaning up crash debris such as those left in the Rosehill/Shoshone area

March 3

"Left turn yield on green" sign request at 11th and Front streets; where to find proposed subdivision information; reader reacts to Victory Road merge at Maple Grove Road topic

February 24

Who to call to report dead animals on roads; reason behind unfinished work at Overland and Cole roads; inconsistent right-turn lanes at intersections on Fairview Avenue and elsewhere

February 17

Abandoned toilet on the road at Malad and Janeen streets; "drag racing" at Victory approaching Maple Grove Road; should signals in downtown Eagle be coordinated like signals in downtown Boise?

February 10

Lane lines hard to see in low-light rain and snow conditions; speed limit change is coming to Idaho 21 near Columbia Village

February 3

Long pedestrian wait at HAWK crossing on River Street along the Pioneer Pathway explained; bumpy manhole covers at Overland Road at Topaz Way and Jade Avenue; ACHD makes another evaluation of a stop sign on Quail Ridge at Collister Drive

January 27

Fabric fencing material blocking the view of oncoming traffic at 10th and Main streets in downtown Boise; lack of funding means Old Penitentiary Road will still be bumpy; construction office trailer parked across Corporate Drive in Meridian

January 20, 2019

Google goof on street name off of Columbia Road; Hampstead Drive error in Garden City not Google's fault; the reason why both the Five Mile and Cloverdale overpasses will not become freeway interchanges

January 13, 2019

The Idaho Driver's Manual needs an update regarding left turns on red lights; left-over election signs; "HAWK" signal preying on drivers with random red lights at Ustick Road and Fairview Avenue; far-in-the-future plans for Hubbard Road at Meridian Road

January 6, 2019

Orange barrels and posts are losing their looks along State Street near Collister Drive; lagging lefts at Horseshoe Bend Road and State Street frustrate driver

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