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Easy in, not-so-easy out on the east side of Ten Mile Road between Interstate 84 and Franklin Road; not your standard potholes on Eagle Road between Franklin and McMillan roads

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Dear Road Wizard: On the east side of Ten Mile Road, between Interstate 84 and Franklin Road, there are several new businesses that are easy to access, but very difficult to exit from. It is right-turn-only onto Ten Mile and right-turn-only onto Franklin. There is a road south of these businesses that will allow a left turn, but traffic makes for a long wait there. And there is no signage for a legal U-turn at the intersection of Ten Mile and Franklin. This makes it difficult to get back to I-84. Are there any plans to take care of this problem?


Road Wizard:

The median islands on Franklin and Ten Mile were proactively placed in advance of additional commercial and residential development along both roads. With the fairly new Ten Mile interchange at I-84 to the south, and a growing population base, this trend is likely to continue, at least in the short term.

ACHD has been part of the plans to accommodate additional traffic. There will be a traffic signal installed on Franklin about a quarter-mile east of Ten Mile that will help drivers access adjacent development. Contractors are already installing the signal poles and street lights, but additional development has to occur to justify full signal installation. Signals can be helpful to side streets under certain conditions, but they can also impact traffic flow on more major roadways, like Franklin.

Meanwhile, U-turns are allowed at Ten Mile and Franklin. According to Meridian City Code, it is legal to make a U-turn at a signalized intersection when there isn't a U-turn sign posted. It is only illegal if a sign states "No U-turns." But drivers have to determine if their vehicle can make the maneuver. At this location, full-sized pickups may require some stopping and backing up, or running onto the adjacent sidewalk, which is not allowed when making a U-turn.

Dear Road Wizard: I am noticing a lot of potholes on Eagle Road beginning from Franklin Road down to McMillan Road. They seem to get a little deeper every week. And off of Chinden Boulevard turning into Starbucks there is a great pothole!


Road Wizard:

The Eagle Road potholes are a bit different because they are actually the "delamination," or in a basic term "failure," of a micro seal applied to the road. A micro seal is similar to a chip seal, but does not involve the larger rock chips.

The Idaho Transportation Department chose a micro seal because it doesn't require the heat of a summer day to properly adhere, and cures relatively quickly. That is a benefit to a very busy highway like Eagle Road. But micro seals are not as durable as chip seals.

ITD tried to fill in the deteriorated spots with a cold patch material, which is the standard fix for potholes in colder months. However, the delaminated areas were so shallow that the patches popped out of the potholes. The next consideration is removing the seal and a few inches of pavement, then filling it with fresh asphalt. But a time frame for that project has not been determined.

ACHD will be busy with its own pothole patching, and has dedicated this week as "Pothole Days."  There are many to handle. For example, last year the agency filled more than 2,000 potholes.

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